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Respectful Ways To Discipline Employees

It’s quite unfortunate to see how great-performing employees can potentially decrease their level of work rate and overall productivity overtime which impacts the entire operation. Some of these repercussions are commonly drawn from various reasons that might affect the employees’ performance relating to personal issues, resulting to lack of motivation, or environmental influences which can …

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Setting Expectations

Setting expectations and developing clear predictive results are always important to prevent certain strife in workplace relationship, conflicts, and poor organizational performance. I always want to make sure that every inch of my business performance will remain at its highest level or be at least in its ideal or standard state. Since I have a …

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What Is Customer Service

What is Customer Service?

What is customer service? The meaning of customer service to an organization can make or break the business.  Before we start working on any marketing strategy, we need to be mindful of our service quality and what is the brand image you are trying to build. Sam Walton, a successful American businessman and entrepreneur, best …

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