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Training and Development


Training and development is necessary for each person involved in our business. Proper training contributes a huge impact in every step of progression our business. The better you are at training and development, the more success overall your business will have. It requires collaborative efforts to meet the overall objections of the role.

Staff’s performance is observed through their behavior and accomplishments. If your staff is not performing as desired, here are some quick tips that can help you deliver proper development for your employees.


In most cases, guidance is the first recommended action to be considered when a staff member isn’t performing up to par. Whether he or she is covering up any personal or work-related challenges, counseling often resolves common minor difficulties for an employee. Making them aware that you see a decline in performance and resetting expectations takes care of the majority of issues fairly quickly.

It is important in this step to listen carefully to any feedback that the staff member provides for the issue. Is it a lack of proper training? Unclear priorities? Has there been an increase in the workload that is creating additional errors? Or is it a personal situation that needs to be addressed? Understanding the root of the cause will help you as the manager determine the best course of action to get the situation back on track.


After you have confirmed that you have provided the proper training and you have set clear priorities and guidelines, verbally reprimanding, the employee for poor performance is mandatory if the same issue continues to occur. Telling your staff member that you will document the next steps in the progressive discipline process when both of you have agreed with his or her inability to improve despite repeated advice or warnings.


Provide disciplinary notice by arranging formal written warning signed by you and the staff member is the last resort to improve his or her performance. Continue progressive discipline as long as you believe the employee is accomplishing equal efforts to bring his performance on track. If however, you still do not see any progress, it may be best to advise that this is the final warning notice and that any further infraction will result in the release of service.

It is never enjoyable to release a staff member from service, however, if after all the steps have been followed, it is a necessary action for the betterment of the team, the company and ultimately the individual. No one likes to feel that they aren’t performing.

Part of our services for our clients is to help them navigate these issues and guide them. We help review their policies and procedures to make sure that everyone is clear on the expectations and that there is a clear pathway to success. Having virtual staff members should be treated the exact same way that in-house employees are treated from a disciplinary standpoint. However, for some reason, we find that a lot of business don’t have a written training & development plan nor a disciplinary protocol. We hope by sharing this information you will develop your company’s policies.

Should you need to have a quick overview of how we can help you grow your business, feel free to book an appointment with me today.


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