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Whose Responsible for Your Virtual Assistant’s Internet and Computer System?

We have heard the scenario many times for clients who tried to hire on their own. Soon after being hired, an issue surfaced with their Virtual Assistant with regard to their equipment, Internet connection or computer being very slow and needs to be upgraded. Then the client wonders – should I pay for my virtual assistant’s equipment?

This can create a lot of confusion so let’s clear the air for you.

An ideal Virtual Assistant should have at least a stable Internet connection and a computer since they know very well that this is where the income starts.

If you have had an applicant who is skilled and has aced the interview, but claims that they have an old computer and/or a dial up connection, you should move on to another candidate. This simply means they are not equipped to work as Virtual Assistant.

A virtual assistant who has substandard equipment is like a soldier going to war with an armor made out of cardboard. Watch out for these candidates, as they may be a time-waster. No equipment means not ready.

One of the services we provide when we place virtual assistants for our clients is a technology audit. We do this to insure a virtual assistant is ready to work.

Assuming you are still going at it alone, give your attention to business-minded people. Virtual Assistants who have this kind of mindset has come prepared for battle. They have worked hard to earn enough to invest in a good computer and obtain a reliable connection. These are the kind of virtual assistants you want to work with, virtual assistants with initiatives, responsible and can be considered dedicated to the work they do.

Another thing to consider before feeling generous to your Virtual Assistant is the possibility that it may not work out. Not being a pessimist but just covering all grounds. When you give your VA a computer then 2 weeks down the line it just doesn’t work, your ability to recoup that loss is almost impossible.

If you still feel like you want to enhance your virtual assistant’s equipment, then at least you are doing so with the full knowledge that your investment may not be fully realized.

An alternative to consider is come to an arrangement with your VA to subsidize half of the cost of the equipment provided while your virtual assistant invests in the other half.

As a client, a loyalty reward can also be a great help in addition to providing a moral boost to your virtual assistant. Depending on their KPIs (key performance indicators), you can give your VA a “thank you for doing a good job” gift such as a gift certificate or a low dollar headset or computer accessories. But you have to make it clear to your VA that the best is expected from them so that they can strive for these rewards.

In general Filipino VAs are always thankful when their hard work is recognized. In return a VA will bring give you a world-class output that will be worth your every cent.

If you want to skip the hassle of trying to find your next virtual assistant yourself and have us do all the work – including making sure that they have the proper equipment – check out www.HireSmartVAs.com/Hiring-Options.


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